Dungeons + Drama Nerds

Patreon Teaser: Interview with Dex Phan

August 20, 2022
As a treat, we're bringing you a clip from our Patreon series of collaborator interviews, featuring Dex Phan from our games of Apocalypse World and Blades in the Dark! To listen to the full interview, join us on Patreon at the link below. 
If you’d like to help us continue exploring the intersection of theatre and tabletop roleplaying games, consider leaving us a review on your podcast app of choice or supporting us - and getting access to our patron-only bonus content - at patreon.com/dungeonsanddramanerds. You can find our social media and website links, including our cast bios, at our linktree. Be sure to tune in next week for another episode of Dungeons and Drama Nerds!

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